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Gain personal insight, explore new perspectives

Through our partnership with Your Liminal Space, we are able to offer an all-inclusive package for retreats.

  • Personal needs met with multifaceted individual counseling and integrated body work
  • Creative arts and body movement to awaken deeper self-awareness
  • Lively and in depth facilitated group discussions
  • Time alone to rest and reflect
  • A nurturing natural environment
  • Private rooms and baths with delicious local cuisine

A retreat group creates a unique and dynamic opportunity for self-exploration, to resolve relationship issues, make deeper connections and gain new perspectives.

Do you know 3 to 5 others who want to join you on this journey?

Consider bringing along friends, family members, work colleagues or a group of couples, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.

Or are you an adventurer and want to seek things on your own?

Join one of our scheduled retreats and engage with others new to you.

Do you ever feel out of sync or confused, and wonder, Who am I? What am I doing? Why am I unhappy, depressed, angry, afraid?

Sometimes the pressures of everyday life, family, work, finances or health issues can throw you off. Your inner world (thoughts, emotions, dreams) can be in conflict with your outer world (your roles) creating imbalance and unhappiness.

You do have the ability to live in a deeply harmonious and balanced way.

Your Liminal Space retreats offer you time, care and the space to sit on the threshold between these worlds, examine them deeply, expand awareness, and consider new ways to navigate the issues that are unique to your life.

Here is how we can help you –

  • Private counseling sessions to address relationships, life changes or whatever your focused intention is for your retreat.
  • Bodywork to help relieve stress and gain deeper self-awareness by aligning  and balancing  your energy system.
  • You have the opportunity, in group sessions, to explore new perspectives and discover new self-care tools to take home.
  • You will have time alone to rest, reflect and rejuvenate.

Our program is intense and designed to meet your individual needs.  What you learn about yourself and others can change your life, set you on a new path.

We hold no religious affiliation and purport no single school of thought. Our intention is to support each individual to attain their highest good here and now, and to offer life-affirming ways to move forward in harmony and balance.


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