Haiku Maui


Maunder down a jungle road off the Hana Highway for ten mins to come to a North Shore cliff that creates the awe of Infinity. Alaska, in fact, is the next stop. The two pristine glass structures invite an unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean so vast that the curvature of the earth seems to appear.

The darkness of night melts the earth and the sky into one, displaying the universe for stargazing until the spectacular sunrise awakens the birds and the whales who jump with pure joy in the winter warm waters. The joy spreads inland to the watchers.

The trade winds bring cool, fresh, clean air our lungs long for. The paradise a seclusion is found.

Behind a rock wall the architecture reminiscent of Marco Kogan’s Paraty House is stunning. Boxes within boxes, finished with teak and native Koa wood the home is simple and elegant. The buildings become a part of the landscape of golf course lawns and gardens laid out in traditional Hawaiian patterns and a living roof of tropical grass and lava rock. The stacked, cantilevered, offset structures encourage the land and the ocean to embrace each other. Sheltered lanais, sprawling decks and an outdoor shower merge the indoors with the outdoors. Everything open but designed for privacy.

A self-contained off the grid property with solar energy, rain catchment and air flow functionality created for its small carbon foot-print. Food forests of orchards and gardens supply coconuts to drink, tangy oranges to eat, lemons for a pie, and bananas to binge on, while plumeria and jasmine supply scents that waft as you walk by on your strolls to hear the crash of the waves onto the rocky beach below.

A place to work, rest, meditate, write, think, walk. A place to live in luxury in nature. A place to rekindle your soul.


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The Project is comprised of two right sized rectangular shade boxes stacked, cantilevered, and offset such that each enjoys the spectacle of the crashing ocean below...

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A north shore home artfully blends creativity and sustainability...

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Welcome to this north shore oceanfront house - inspired by Marcio Kogan’s commanding Paraty house but painted with a restrained architectural brush...


Maui is an island in the Central Pacific, part of the Hawaiian archipelago. Sprawling Haleakala National Park encompasses the island’s highest peak, volcanic Haleakala, as well as the pools and waterfalls of Ohe’o Gulch, accessed via scenic, winding Hana Highway. The island’s 30 miles of beaches include golden-crescent Kapalua, sheltered from strong currents by lava-rock promontories.

QK Haiku Maui

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QK Haiku - Stunning views of Maui property by drone

QK Haiku, Maui House by Drone